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What Happens In Winter?


Phyllis Jaeger, MIYC Board Member, Social Director and Organizer


Marina Services

Alan Hardy, one of our Marine Repair Technicians sent me many great photos, several of which I’ve included! Along with Alan, Cile and Mary have both contributed information to help us picture what goes on in the winter. I’ve so appreciated all the photos and narratives from Alan. He even took some pictures of our Three SeaZens, all snug in its new winter cover! Thank you to Alan for his contributions.

Winter at the Madeline Island Yacht Club and Marina 1.jpg

At right are pictures around the OUTSIDE marina. You’ll notice on the middle photo there are snowmobile tracks on the waterway in front of the fuel dock. Alan reports, people often use the marina as a point to get on and off the water in the winter as well. The snowmobiles access the lake using both the launch ramp and between C and D dock at the far end of the marina near the warming pond.  In late January when Alan sent me the photos he reported that there was 6-8 inches of ice all the way across and people could snowmobile and use ATVs to cross for about a week. But with the warm weather they had in the later January, the ice became unsafe and unpredictable.  In fact, a good portion of the ice blew out between the island and Bayfield with the northwest winds they had the during those days. 

Winter in the Neighborhood January 2017.jpg

You can see in these pictures, Winter in the Neighborhood. There is still a little ice near shore in the bay but only for a few hundred yards, then there is open water.  Cile reported that the ferry line posted on 2/8/17 that normal ferry operation would take place for the remainder of the winter…no ice road! No snowmobiling or ATV’s!

Allan shared this link to the Lake Superior Modis Imagery from NOAA. You may find this interesting viewing the satellite images of Lake Superior, although the posted views are dependent on the cloud cover! You may have to go back a week or so, to see a clear picture and how the ice has changed.  When the sun comes out the pictures show the amazing blue color of the lake as shown in the third attachment!

Winter at the Madeline Island Yacht Club and Marina inside.jpg

In these pictures, you’ll see some of what goes on INSIDE the marina.

The white powerboat is the Admiral, Aaron has finished up the paint job of the topside and cockpit and is now putting the boat back together. 

The green powerboat is Windrush, John is working to replace one of her fuel tanks.

The sailboat is Cordelia.  She is in for a large list of projects that Chuck and Alan are working on the engine, transmission, woodwork, plumbing, fixtures, steering cables, and numerous new electronics.

All of these projects have to be done indoors due to the inconsistency of the weather.  The mechanic staff does very little outdoors this time of year. 


Ship Store

New Items in the Marina Store for 2017.jpg

Mary has a large pile of inventory that is waiting for Nick to return and help clean and stock the shelves.    

Mary has some new products going into the Ship Store. 

She will now be carrying some of the more common bulbs in LED.  As well as some more common tools. 

The first portion of her clothing line order has arrived and she will be placing the rest of the order soon. 

Last season, Nick talked her into carrying some basic fishing tackle and it sold like hotcakes so she will be adding to that selection this year. 


Marina staff have started a new safety training program, with some of the maintenance crew returning for one day to do safety training.  If you’re not aware, there are numerous regulations and agencies that require several annual safety trainings for people in the marine/marina industry. MIYC is included as we handle volatile fuels, potential environmental contaminates, body fluids (head pumping), and large electronics!


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