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It's Haul-Out Season!


October is a busy month in the MIYC marina.
Lots of haul outs and preparations for winter.

Mark and I saw our boat hauled out for the first time October 2. In the past, we’ve come up after it’s hauled out to do a final cleaning and put on our cover. This year, we could be more flexible with our time, and stayed over on Monday. We were able watched them lift and move our Three Seazens.

What an awesome process that is! It’s detailed skills on a very large scale. When they lift the boat out of the water on the straps, the traveler, and Alan, move on those narrow wheel tracks like an Olympic competitor on the balance beam!  After the bottom is pressure washed, they position the boat precisely over the cradle and can tip it port or starboard, leveling and lowering it down very slowly. Once on the cradle, they have wheels on a hydraulic jack device that they put under the cradle and then hook it up to the tractor and drive it down the road! What a sight that is. Once in the parking lot, they back it into position as if they have automatic parking support, like we have on our car! Amazing! Thanks to Alan, John, Chuck, Nick, Aaron, and Leroy. These guys are incredible. Such delicate work on 8+ tons of mass!

Here’s a picture collage of the process with Marie Christenson’s boat Tango, and our boat, Three Seazens.
— Phyllis Jaeger, MIYC Board Member, Social Director & Organizer
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